The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 13: Enter the Feywild

I think we may be barking up the wrong tree.

SpringRise (SR) 12, 203DF

  • At Quorkaguard, trade in the huskies and sled for a horse and cart team.

SR 12-21, 203DF

  • Travel from Quorkaguard to the edge of the forest.
  • A tree blocks the path so the party has to take a side path
  • Riswynn jabs her sword in the ground since she can grab it anytime. A few hours later the party notices it’s still dusk, Riswynn can’t call her sword after Naeris suggests they try. They determine that they’re in the Feywild.


  • Nearis stumbles into a tree, which wakes up. It is a treant named Willowleaf. She is suspicious of their presence in the Feywild, thinking they’re up to no good. But then notices Richard is a druid and speaks to him in Druidic. She agrees to take them to a fey crossing on the other side of the forest. At first the party walks but they tire easily so Willowleaf carries them for several days.
  • She tells Richard they simply need to enter the clearing she placed them near and speak a word when entering the clear pool to open up the fey crossing for several minutes.
  • The party thanks her for her help.

SR 19, 206DF

  • Upon crossing the humans have to ward off the fey magic, everyone succeeds except Grigor, whose experience of the whole affair is a bit fuzzy now.
  • It’s night and the party attempts to determine how long it’s been since they left. It’s the same time of year so it seems safe. However, Riswynn calls her sword and it is grown over with vines and moss and has rusted. They’ve been gone a while…

SR 19-20, 206DF

  • They have returned to the material plane and travel east to the elven lands

SR 20

  • they reach the elven forest and speak to some elves in a border town.

SR 20-22

  • they travel through the elven lands to Typhanus, the capital and arrive in the evening. (A city much like in Loth Lorien in LOTR)
  • They are filled in on the happenings of the last 3 years by their guide.

SR 23

  • They speak to the Elven Primarchs: Steven the Grand Magus of the High Elves, and Mortimer the Elder of the Wood Elves.
  • Steven tries to summon the bag of holding by merging minds with Ben temporarily to gain familiarity. The bag is summoned but nothing is inside. They try and summon the phylactery, but cannot find it due to magic blocking scrying and summoning.
  • The heroes are given what they need and a portal key to come back here.
  • They teleport through a gate in the knot of a great tree to Indelstrad.
  • They gather new horses/carts to go south the next day.


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