The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 14: Sure is hot out here


SR 24 – Springset 9 – Travel from Indelstrad to Lowall, the lower half of the town at the edge of the Great Plateau

SpS 10 – Takes about half a day to transfer everything up the wall. Then join up with Kutah, the leader of a caravan heading for Al-Qadim that day.

SpS 10-17 – Travelling through the desert to the F√ľng-too Oasis. It’s very hot with a strong wind, causing lower visibility. Luckily no worms are encountered. However some exhaustion levels are taken.

SpS 17-20 – Travel to Al-Qadim.

SpS 21-23 – The party rests, explores the cities and finally after investigating for a few days in Desh T’Bah and Al-Qadim they find out where they need to go. They pay a guide who takes them to the Secret Tomb of Neferhotep.

SpS 23-24 – Travel to the tomb.

SpS 25 – Delve into the tomb.


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