The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 16

Summerrise 1

  • The party is able to defeat the undead king.
  • Get the magic candle
  • Grigor finds out Riswynn is a fighter and not a cleric.
  • Richard turns into a mouse to sneak into a hidden room and look around to avoid setting off any traps.
  • Grigor says there’s a mouse throwing game.
  • Finding a safe path they claim all the treasure, including a magical mirror that can trap creatures within it.
  • Claim all the treasure and make their way out of the tomb.

SR 2-3

  • Travel back to town

SR 4-5

  • Get owl back
  • Get mirror backpack strap
  • rest
  • SR 6-7*
  • Waiting for caravan to leave.
  • Riswynn researches

SR 8-19

  • Travel back to Highwall/Lowall


Dark_James Dark_James

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