The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 17: Half the Title

Grigor, I think it's time for dinner.


  • “Sheep have gone missing from Old Man Murray’s ranch all of a sudden”
  • “Adventurers have been going into the Underdark more frequently”
  • “Bears have been attacking Fairshovel to the north”
  • “A villager thought he saw a pegasus flying north of town one night”
  • “The yuan-ti are attacking travellers and animals more often in the jungle”
  • “The halflings are not taking anyone through the jungle right now”
  • “Drow stalk the nights”

SR 19 (evening) and SR 20 morning

  • Spend time around town getting rumours

SR 20 Lunch onwards

  • Having heard rumours of halflings not guiding travellers, Richard asks a group of halflings at the tavern about it. He discovers that the halflings are worried about the dangerous yuan-ti that have been attacking people in the jungle. However, Nym is still willing to be a guide. Richard gives the halflings 10gp for their information and asks them to let Nym know he is staying in the inn across the street when Nym returns.
  • Riswynn looks about town for books to research the yuan-ti. In a general store she finds a several books related to the subject and buys them.
  • Grigor starts to talk about faking a deed for the tavern (in the tavern) but luckily no one hears him.

SR 21

  • Naeris and Richard meet with Nym and arrange for him to guide them tomorrow. To ensure his help travelling there and back Richard offers him 50gp (Nym asked for 20gp) instead of simply taking them there. Nym agrees since Richard promises his safety. During this conversation Richard realizes Spoon and Dagger got left in Acheron… 3 years ago.
  • Grigor and Riswynn go to see Old Man Murray’s Ranch. They’re perplexed about what killed the sheep. They find a large patch of disturbed wheat with a trail leading towards the cattle. They eat dinner with Murray and discuss their findings. Grigor goes ‘investigating’ in the house and tumbles into a linen closet during dinner.
  • Not having been told where Grigor and Riswynn went, Naeris and Richard get ready to eat dinner together, but are confused. Luckily the barmaid makes a comment about them heading north to the ranch.
  • Grigor and Riswynn camp in a grove of trees (Grigor eats some wheat) to spy on the patch they saw.

SR 22

  • Grigor and Riswynn find what appears to be a green ceramic leaf in the field after a long night of not seeing anything.
  • Richard and Naeris arrange to pay Nym for the extra time as they need to go meet their friends. They ride out to the ranch.
  • Grigor appears to be playing with a sheep when they ride up.
  • Richard speaks to the sheep & cattle and determines something flying that blends in with the grass attacked the animals. He then informs the party
  • That night they camp in the barn loft.
    As Naeris keeps watch, a patch of stars in the distance is blotted out as a dark shapes moves across the night sky. She quickly goes to awaken the rest of the group. As they awaken the beating of wings and the mooing of cows fills the air. Dashing to the edge of the barn loft, Richard sees a large shadow by the cattle. Thirty-foot wings block most of the ranch house and cast shadows across the yard. Naeris and Riswynn can see the reptilian creature snatch up two cows. It is a creature heard only in legends. A dragon.

Richard calls out and the dragon’s long neck snakes about to face the barn and tilt slightly to the side. The beast drops the cattle and begins to beat its wings…


Dark_James Dark_James

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