Rowena Blackwood


Rowena Blackwood is a Druid scholar of great renown, famous both for the breadth of her work – spanning medicine, witchcraft, religion and philosophy – and for the masterful depth of each covered topic. She is also thought of to be one of few truly exceptional Druids to have mastered both the Circles of Land and Moon.

Little is known of Rowena Blackwood personally, though many suspect her of being an elf, as her main body of work is dated 1400 to 1000 years prior to the Dragonfall. Due to the lack of direct information about Rowena and the astounding breadth of knowledge accredited to her, many scholars have suggested that the name Rowena Blackwood was an alias, used by a number of different scholars over that time period; although such a suggestion is partially discredited by the few mentions of Rowena Blackwood in contemporary texts. The most widely accepted belief about Rowena Blackwood is that she was merely a recluse dedicated to her studies, who died shortly after her latest text – Auspice of Turmoil: A Treatise on Order found in Disorder- was published.

Rowena Blackwood is further notable for being the nominal head of the Storm Keeper sect, titled the Tempest or Tempest Witch. It is a matter of debate among others why such an active sect would name someone who has passed on as their leader. Most think that Rowena Blackwood is held up as an ideal role model for their members to strive towards, although there are those who conspiratorially claim that she still lives, guiding them in secrecy.

Rowena Blackwood

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