Andina Duchy

“Profit before People.”

Andina Duchy

Situated on the Southwest end of the country, Andina is home to the biggest port city in the region Andor. It also holds the rich private islands of the Andillies.

Vital Info

Capitol: Andor (250,000)
Ruler: Duke Octavio Purnusess
Population: 600,000

The Grenele Foundation for Poverty

The Grenele family is the third wealthiest family in a city of outstandingly rich people, run by a pair of elders, the Greneles are the only charity in a province run on vast sums of gold. Helping to feed, train, and house the dregs of the third largest city on the continent, the Greneles have saved countless lives and improved many more. While they wish they could do more, the ruling Plutarchs have a vested interest in keeping a portion of the population in destitution.

Andina Duchy

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