Halflings are an old race, who controlled a large portion of the land that is now the Federation of Acheron.

However, when the first of mankind came to this land, the halflings split, with some going north and some going south, leaving the humans to have the middle.

The Northern Halflings

The Northern Clans of halflings have taken the wildlife and there are two distinct tribes.

The Rimnost

This name both belongs to the nomadic clan and the north western region that the clan inhabits. These halflings follow the Auraughs, large creatures that are both fierce and delicious. The Rimnost follow the only known herd of auraughs and protect them from other creatures, while killing one every year or so. Killing an auraugh is no easy feat though and their entire society is based around the beasts.

The Rimnost also ride corgis.

The Holnost

This clan of halflings settled in the north eastern part of the world nestled in the eastern mountain range. They have settled and built proper settlements and mostly raise alpacas.

The Southern Halflings

To the South, the halflings have built settlements along the border of the jungle and the plains/savannah. The halflings of the south are skilled in navigating either of these areas and help adventurers, tradesfolk, and anyone else who is willing to pay for a guide through the region.


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