House Rules

DMG Option Rules used

  • Feywild Magic (DMG p.50)
  • Mixing Potions Variant (DMG p.140)
  • Fear and Horror when appropriate (DMG p.266)

Rules for being away

Away for 1 week: Okay – Party can use character for non-combat stuff. Cannot die. Will not make anti-alignment choices.
Away for 2 weeks: Character considered gone.

You get 2 “Free passes” every term (ish). Let us know a day before at least.

Lock Picking

Based on

Locks have a number of tumbler pins and a guess limit. The goal is to “Set” all the pins to open the lock.

Each pin requires an action (BURP: Bump, Undulate, Rake, or Probe)

If you choose correctly, it’s set.
If you’re off by one, it’s stiff (you may try again)
If it’s off by two, the pin jams (Rogue is required to fix it)

Once you reach the guess limit all the pins jam (including ones already set)
If a Rogue unjams the entire lock the guess limit is reset.

A Rogue may unjam a number of pins (per lock) equal to their Rogue level. Thieves Tools proficiency +1 unjam.
After using these auto-unjams, a rogue may make a Sleight of Hand check to attempt to unjam a single pin.
If the Rogue fails an to unjam a lock with a check, the lock is Joskeyed and can no longer be opened.

Action Required: Attempted Action (Result)
Bump: Bump ( Set ), Undulate ( Stiff ), Rake ( Jam ), Probe ( Jam )
Undulate: Bump ( Stiff ), Undulate ( Set ), Rake ( Stiff ), Probe ( Jam )
Rake: Bump ( Jam ), Undulate ( Stiff ), Rake ( Set ), Probe ( Jam )
Probe: Bump ( Jam ), Undulate ( Jam ), Rake ( Stiff ), Probe ( Set )

House Rules

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