Located at the bottom of the Great Plateau, just below Highwall, Lowall is a trade hub between the cities of the Great Plateau and the lower lands. Lowall houses the bottom of a great elevator system, the only way to get up to the Great Plateau.

The lands surrounding the town are fairly flat, with a few rolling hills. To the east is the sheer rock wall of the Great Plateau. To the west is the Mighty Jungle, a dangerous jungle full of dangerous creatures, poisonous rivers, and deadly plants. The halflings act as guides through this treacherous area.

The Yuan-ti inhabit several ruins in the Might Jungle and have been attacking travellers recently which has affected the guide industry the halflings have founded in town.


  • Restrained Rhino Tavern
  • The Lazing Lion Inn (across the street from the Rhino tavern)


  • Nym – Halfling Guide
  • Old Man Murray (lives a half day’s ride north of town)


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