General Info

A village of about 2,000 people, Saltmarsh is a trade post but at the same time a bit of a backwater town at times.

The permanent population is primarily human with a few people of other races mixed in. Due to the nature of a small port they do often see other races passing through such as elves, halflings, and half-elves. However, some races are still looked at warily such as tieflings or half-orcs.


Town Council Members

Other Townsfolks

  • James Foster – the forest guard
  • Isaac Inman – Owner of the Floundering Fish
  • Karl Kay – Customs Office
  • Hazel Smallfoot – Loans Guild
  • Priest Robin – Head of the Hall of Aegit
  • Fitch – Local Southern Seas Trading Company operator (aka Sou’seas Traders)
  • Crazy Rob – People say he’s crazy
  • Will Carpenter – married to Ellen and also works as a carpenter. He has the designer’s eye and she has the talent of putting it together.

Rumours and Secrets

The party finally discovered that Saltmarsh had a secret, that Old Man Parker’s Manor was haunted. The village tries to keep this a secret for fear of scaring off travellers passing through and to keep its port open and profitable.

Old Man Parker’s Manor:

Map of Parker Manor

Map Legend

  1. Entry room
  2. Library
  3. Study
  4. Trap door room with evil voice
  5. Mushroom room
  6. Plaster room
  7. nothing interesting (dining room)
  9. Centipedes
  10. Unexplored.

Helpful Definitions

  • Moor A type of fen or swamp. A wetland with low growing vegetation due to the acidic soil.
  • Mere a lake that is broader than it is deep

Temporary Map, some details may change.


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