Sunfrost Duchy

“True Patriot Love, for Land and Lord.”

Sunfrost Duchy

Easternmost province of the Federation of Acheron, this region is known for it’s sprawling forests and fiercely patriotic citizens. The first to declare alliance with Acheron during the Joining, this duchy has enjoyed the long tradition as a home to one of the more powerful druid circles in modern times.

Vital Info

Capitol: Brightglade Crossing (130,000)
Ruler: Duke Arail Solice
Population: 420,000

Sunfrost Circle

The Sunfrost Circle of druids while technically vassals of Duke Arail Solice, tend to have much more control over the business of the province than any other power. Their militant arm, the Sunfrost Guard, is a paramilitary ranger force, consisting of small squads of hunters, trackers, and forest fighters. The Circle also sponsors a famous order of noble knights. The Order of the Garden, known locally as the Gardeners, serve as the elite task force in the region beating back threats from the wastes to the south and wondering monsters from the east.

Duke Arail Solice

Arail continues in a long line of Dukes of Sunfrost more known for their speeches on High Day than their ability to influence policy. Arail dislikes his role but does little to change his situation.

Sunfrost Duchy

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