Westfailia Duchy

Pride in work, duty to community

Westfailia Duchy

A breadbasket province, Westfailia is home to many of the productive guilds of the Federation. Sweeping farmlands, mills, transit hubs, and artisan cottages dot the landscape. The Congress of Guilds, often referred to as The Grange has their headquarters here.

Vital Stats

Capitol: Finespring (110,000)
Ruler: Duke Quinn Campbell
Population: 375,000

The Grange

A congress of the guilds of Acheron, the Grange acts as the middle class’s voice in both regional and national discussions. The three main Guildmasters include Malcolm Plowman of the Farmer’s Guild, Grok Von Carver of the Masons, and Ynelda Breakbarrel of the Smiths. The Grange has its fingers in most business in the province and controls the bureaucracy for the Government. The port of Saltmarsh ships most of the raw material from the province both abroad and domestically.

Duke Quinn Campbell

Duke Quinn took power from his long ruling Grandfather just two years ago. Duke Dennard Campbell had ruled for nearly 30 years and developed a reputation as a harsh and stern taskmaster. Taking his charge to feed the nation extremely seriously Dennard saved the country from famine by working his populace in nearly inhumane conditions. This started a generation long policy of overwork, quotas, and ducal dictates. Upon his ascent to power Duke Quinn promised to get back to supporting the common man in Westfailia, an image he is attempting to promote with a work tour of the province where he works a few days along with his aids on one community project or another.


Population: 110,000
The capital of the Westfalia Duchy is not large compared to other capitals but deals with a large region due to the farming nature of the land.


Population: 2,500

A midpoint town that straddles that main road from Saltmarsh to FineSpring. Sunbriar primarily acts as a stopping point for the farmers nearby to take their goods before heading to FineSpring or Saltmarsh. Primarily composed of warehouses, stables, and inns, the population of Sunbriar isn’t that much larger than Saltmarsh, but is much more focused in its duties. Due to its proximity to the briarwood and its high ratio of valuable goods to armed folks, the town maintains a large wall and gates at each end for the Traderoad.

Westfailia Duchy

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