The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episdoe 11(?): The Ice Caves

Ben vs the Mimic

Winterset 16 -24: Travel

Winterset 25 – Slight bit of travel. Then break off from the tribe, towards the glacier/ice caves. Fight wolves after getting huskies set up. Kill a Winter Wolf and its pack. Sneak past some sleeping polar bars. Fight a f***ing mimic that injures Ben.
Hear the howling wind whisk through the caves and someone recognizes it as a yeti call.
Prepare and attack a Yeti, oh wait, it was some frozen corpses.

Go outside again, get huskies, look for another entrance to avoid yeti.

Find another entrance behind a pile of snow. Not sure if the same cave system but worth the risk.


Dark_James Dark_James

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