The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 12: Battle with the Remorhaze

The legendary frying pan of seasoning

Winterset 25 – camp is made inside and people sleep.

Springrise 1 – Wolves attack and the yeti attacks, Richard is almost killed.
- After skinning the yeti the party continues
- a large ice floor area is found and is slippery
- Using the yeti pelt they scoot across the ice.
- hole are found in the ice (They are holes made by the frost giant’s spiked shoes for walking on the ice)
- Grigor tries to trip Naeris (who is skating around)
- Grigor misses the trip but is at the front of the group and falls into an ice spike pit trap.
- They find the legendary chef and a frost giant frozen in ice.
- A remorhaze attacks from below, they defeat it. Take the frying pan and his axe. However it turns out the frying pan wasn’t the true magic item (although it could season things magically). The Axe is flaming and must be used to destroy Zaphaestalese.

- The party finds a place to wait for Mernaderna and his group and camps there.

Springrise 1-3- Waiting

Springrise 3-11 – travel back to Quorkagard


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