The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 15: The Mummy


SPS 25 – Onto level 2 of the tomb. A collapsing roof injures Riswyn
- A portcullis with a lever is found but they discover a Salamander on the other side. Aeristaria lightning bolts it and it retreats as it couldn’t reach them.
- The Door is a talking door with "The word of passage is ‘impossible’ " scrawled above it. First everyone tries saying impossible but the Door continues to stay shut. Then Ben tricks The Door into saying ‘impossible’ and thus it opens.
- Scarabs attack and we discover Ben has a hatred of insects when he uses a 3rd(?) level spell slot to cast thunderwave. This nearly kills Aeristaria and Richard (who were nearby), but kills all the scarabs (and Aeristaria’s familiar).

At this point the party decides to rest.

Summerrise 1 – Richard decides to summon giant spiders to freak out Ben. However Ben likes arachnids so it turns from a prank into a discussion of how cool arachnids are.
- They go down to level 3 and immediately find the stairs to the inner level 2.

On inner level 2 they find the Banquet Hall, with a long table filled with food and 3 lit candles, flames dancing on the figures seated.
After entering the room the torches poof on. Richard detects magic. Aeristaria attacks the two nearest figures. Neferhotep, the head of the table raises his hands with eyes (like the Pale Man) and uses his dreadful glare. He, his 4 skeletal vizers, and 4 shadows from the corners attack!

The party is able to defeat the monsters, however Richard is nearly killed with strength drain and Grigor has been cursed with mummy rot!


Dark_James Dark_James

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