The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 4: Are We Dead Yet?



202DF Fallset 6Ben Fortnightly performs at the Temple of Poseidon and sings of the tale of the Haunted Manor of Saltmarsh and how he and company ridded it of evil (exaggerating just a bit) and helping to show the villagers that Riswynn isn’t quite as bad as they thought.

Naeris Fawkes and Grigor Lander play a card game and win some money each.

202DF Fallset7 – Spoon and Dagger stay in the chest in the Floundering Fish.

The party goes to talk to Sam Cooper to discuss the goings on of Old Man Walter Jenkins what with his smuggling and all. They gather the council to discuss, arrest him and put him in the gaols for now to decide his fate.

The party goes to the Parker Manor to find the smuggling operation while the arresting goes on. They find two secret areas, one a room, the other the caverns. Grigor almost dies from a rot grub burrowing towards his heart in the room so they burn a lot of stuff. The party finds the smugglers’ cave and what appears to be the low-tide cave (currently underwater though) that the boat would come out of.Richard (with his druid-y knowledge) figures it will be within the week when the tides will shift to allow a boat into the caves.

They receive much loot and enquire with Isaac Inman about an extra room and he gives them a large room for storage and meetings to hold all their stuff.


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