The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 8: End of World. Massive Lich. Please Bring Bag.


202DF Fallset 17 after taking a rest the part quickly dashes back to the temple to find a tired set of clerics. The found one mention of the lich: Zaphesteles, The Forgotten King.

While debating what to do with the phylactery, Grigor (of all people!) suggests they just put it in a bag (of holding) since it would be trapped. This seems like a logical idea, so Risywnn says to go to Mylar’s Magical Things that she saw in town the other day. Mylar has several bags and can’t recall which is which. The party find a Bag of Holding, and a Bag of animals (grey, small rodents).

They plan to meet up with the clerics of Ra from Alkellest so Stephen sends word (via Sending/Tweeting) to the clerics there to meet up with them on the road. They decide to leave the phylactery in Ben’s pocket until he feels something bad then throw it in the bag (so they know there’s a lich inside and not just a bottle).

202DF Fallset 18 – Travel. Ettin attacks in evening while arguing with itself and saying it should keep going.

202DF Fallset 19 – Travel. Evening arrive at forest. Meet with Clerics. Discuss plans in the morning.


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