The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 13: Enter the Feywild
I think we may be barking up the wrong tree.

SpringRise (SR) 12, 203DF

  • At Quorkaguard, trade in the huskies and sled for a horse and cart team.

SR 12-21, 203DF

  • Travel from Quorkaguard to the edge of the forest.
  • A tree blocks the path so the party has to take a side path
  • Riswynn jabs her sword in the ground since she can grab it anytime. A few hours later the party notices it’s still dusk, Riswynn can’t call her sword after Naeris suggests they try. They determine that they’re in the Feywild.


  • Nearis stumbles into a tree, which wakes up. It is a treant named Willowleaf. She is suspicious of their presence in the Feywild, thinking they’re up to no good. But then notices Richard is a druid and speaks to him in Druidic. She agrees to take them to a fey crossing on the other side of the forest. At first the party walks but they tire easily so Willowleaf carries them for several days.
  • She tells Richard they simply need to enter the clearing she placed them near and speak a word when entering the clear pool to open up the fey crossing for several minutes.
  • The party thanks her for her help.

SR 19, 206DF

  • Upon crossing the humans have to ward off the fey magic, everyone succeeds except Grigor, whose experience of the whole affair is a bit fuzzy now.
  • It’s night and the party attempts to determine how long it’s been since they left. It’s the same time of year so it seems safe. However, Riswynn calls her sword and it is grown over with vines and moss and has rusted. They’ve been gone a while…

SR 19-20, 206DF

  • They have returned to the material plane and travel east to the elven lands

SR 20

  • they reach the elven forest and speak to some elves in a border town.

SR 20-22

  • they travel through the elven lands to Typhanus, the capital and arrive in the evening. (A city much like in Loth Lorien in LOTR)
  • They are filled in on the happenings of the last 3 years by their guide.

SR 23

  • They speak to the Elven Primarchs: Steven the Grand Magus of the High Elves, and Mortimer the Elder of the Wood Elves.
  • Steven tries to summon the bag of holding by merging minds with Ben temporarily to gain familiarity. The bag is summoned but nothing is inside. They try and summon the phylactery, but cannot find it due to magic blocking scrying and summoning.
  • The heroes are given what they need and a portal key to come back here.
  • They teleport through a gate in the knot of a great tree to Indelstrad.
  • They gather new horses/carts to go south the next day.
Episode 12: Battle with the Remorhaze
The legendary frying pan of seasoning

Winterset 25 – camp is made inside and people sleep.

Springrise 1 – Wolves attack and the yeti attacks, Richard is almost killed.
- After skinning the yeti the party continues
- a large ice floor area is found and is slippery
- Using the yeti pelt they scoot across the ice.
- hole are found in the ice (They are holes made by the frost giant’s spiked shoes for walking on the ice)
- Grigor tries to trip Naeris (who is skating around)
- Grigor misses the trip but is at the front of the group and falls into an ice spike pit trap.
- They find the legendary chef and a frost giant frozen in ice.
- A remorhaze attacks from below, they defeat it. Take the frying pan and his axe. However it turns out the frying pan wasn’t the true magic item (although it could season things magically). The Axe is flaming and must be used to destroy Zaphaestalese.

- The party finds a place to wait for Mernaderna and his group and camps there.

Springrise 1-3- Waiting

Springrise 3-11 – travel back to Quorkagard

Episdoe 11(?): The Ice Caves
Ben vs the Mimic

Winterset 16 -24: Travel

Winterset 25 – Slight bit of travel. Then break off from the tribe, towards the glacier/ice caves. Fight wolves after getting huskies set up. Kill a Winter Wolf and its pack. Sneak past some sleeping polar bars. Fight a f***ing mimic that injures Ben.
Hear the howling wind whisk through the caves and someone recognizes it as a yeti call.
Prepare and attack a Yeti, oh wait, it was some frozen corpses.

Go outside again, get huskies, look for another entrance to avoid yeti.

Find another entrance behind a pile of snow. Not sure if the same cave system but worth the risk.

Episode 8: End of World. Massive Lich. Please Bring Bag.

202DF Fallset 17 after taking a rest the part quickly dashes back to the temple to find a tired set of clerics. The found one mention of the lich: Zaphesteles, The Forgotten King.

While debating what to do with the phylactery, Grigor (of all people!) suggests they just put it in a bag (of holding) since it would be trapped. This seems like a logical idea, so Risywnn says to go to Mylar’s Magical Things that she saw in town the other day. Mylar has several bags and can’t recall which is which. The party find a Bag of Holding, and a Bag of animals (grey, small rodents).

They plan to meet up with the clerics of Ra from Alkellest so Stephen sends word (via Sending/Tweeting) to the clerics there to meet up with them on the road. They decide to leave the phylactery in Ben’s pocket until he feels something bad then throw it in the bag (so they know there’s a lich inside and not just a bottle).

202DF Fallset 18 – Travel. Ettin attacks in evening while arguing with itself and saying it should keep going.

202DF Fallset 19 – Travel. Evening arrive at forest. Meet with Clerics. Discuss plans in the morning.

Episode 7: The Baaag of Ruuumours

Fallset 16
Half a day is spent travelling to FineSpring. The party spends time exploring the town and decides to stay at Gallows Groves near the Eastern Gate.

That night they decide to investigate the graveyard after after hearing rumours of the dead being stirred.

In the Mausoleum of Kelemvor they find a phylactery that has just been unsealed.

They quickly take it to the Temple of Ra and talk to His Brightness, Stephen (the high priest). The clerics quickly set to work researching the phylacerty to see if they can find any info on it.

Episode 6 Placeholder.

Many days passed while travelling, scary death dogs were killed, balls thrown, scarecrows killed. Revolutionaries came with, almost at FineSpring.

“Ben, it’s been a while since I killed something”

202DF Fallset 9 – 15 are spent travelling.

[Dagger] Dear Diary...
Where red-tail-lady swings swords

The red-tail-lady got me to help her learning magikz by pretendin’ to attack her, somehow she said that, I don’t how ‘zactly that works but she gived me a nice goblin-sized axe, it ain’t too heavy but it ain’t too small neither. I could smash some spiderz reel good wit it.

Dagger likes the handaxe.

Episode 5: Jenkins Still in Jail
How did we miss that room?!

202DF Fallset 8

Morning breakfast (usual). Split party Alex/Shu/Jamie go to talk to Jenkins, Allie/Erin/Kelan/Kelsey go look in the manor for trap doors and to investigate the stairs they missed last time. Forget to feed goblins.

The Interrogator group goes to talk to Sam and Vince briefly to find out what help they can get. They are to receive either the entire manor or a stake in it (if they don’t want to run the thing themselves). In addition they are given some gold and horses.
Jenkins tells how he never deals with the smugglers directly but sends some off to inland to help try and make more money for Saltmarsh. They are willing to transport him in relative comfort if he complies with them. They then go to get their cart from Ellen Carpenter. The cart is all finished however they need to grab the horses from the stables and bring them back to the cart to have any use for them.

Meanwhile… The other group investigates the rot grub room (now with 100% less rot grubs!) and triggers a magic mouth spell while walking up the stairs. After some investigation they come to the conclusion that it was in fact just a spell and not a spirit. They find the scullery and notice that the sun has come out. Thanks to Brynhildr Dragonskin the party finds the Alchemist’s room with alchemical gold, a corpse of Old Man Parker and a small goldish pebble.

Brynhildr Dragonskin decides to take the corpse out to perform a ritual and runs into the other group. (Viking burial with a little more magic) and places the skulls of the skeletons they killed (at least the intact ones) on poles in front of the manor.

By this point it’s a bit past lunch time. Brynhildr Dragonskin and Aeristaria both go out to try and capture some animals to eat. The rest of the party realizes that they haven’t fed Spoon or Dagger yet! (Oh no!) So they go back to the Floundering Fish, get food, and load up the cart with all their stuff. Ben decides it’s best to remove the skulls.

After eating Richard, Ben Fortnightly, and Riswynn are cleaning out the caverns with the goblins. They find the town guards coming (huphuphup) so they quickly find the goblins. Ben assures them they won’t need to check back, they agree (hup hup) for the future but still need to check it out today and get the proper paperwork filled out. Luckily they don’t notice the goblins but are confused as to why Riswynn is sweeping the water. Richard notices their odd looks and explains they have to fight back against the tides to restore balance {DM NOTE: Is this correct?}. After they leave Spoon and Dagger are released and Riswynn continues to write her letter.

Ben once again performs in town but finds he is starting to run out of recent tales to tell.

The party plans to leave the town the next day with their cart and prisoner to head to FineSpring.

Episode 4: Are We Dead Yet?



202DF Fallset 6Ben Fortnightly performs at the Temple of Poseidon and sings of the tale of the Haunted Manor of Saltmarsh and how he and company ridded it of evil (exaggerating just a bit) and helping to show the villagers that Riswynn isn’t quite as bad as they thought.

Naeris Fawkes and Grigor Lander play a card game and win some money each.

202DF Fallset7 – Spoon and Dagger stay in the chest in the Floundering Fish.

The party goes to talk to Sam Cooper to discuss the goings on of Old Man Walter Jenkins what with his smuggling and all. They gather the council to discuss, arrest him and put him in the gaols for now to decide his fate.

The party goes to the Parker Manor to find the smuggling operation while the arresting goes on. They find two secret areas, one a room, the other the caverns. Grigor almost dies from a rot grub burrowing towards his heart in the room so they burn a lot of stuff. The party finds the smugglers’ cave and what appears to be the low-tide cave (currently underwater though) that the boat would come out of.Richard (with his druid-y knowledge) figures it will be within the week when the tides will shift to allow a boat into the caves.

They receive much loot and enquire with Isaac Inman about an extra room and he gives them a large room for storage and meetings to hold all their stuff.


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