The Destruction of Zephaestalese

Episode 0: Prologue
Of Prisoners and such

The party finds themselves in a dungeon mine and must escape!

Erin’s character fears not the guards and they make their escape.

Episode 1: Welcome to Saltmarsh
Wherein the party learns of a sinister secret...


Doors are quietly closed and people cross the street as our adventurers walk down the streets of the village of Saltmarsh. Such is the life of a party with a tiefling amongst them. Our heroes commission a cart and form a trading company. Ben Fortnightly quickly becomes the front man for the group and dazzles both the crowds and the ladies, until one night a wench steals much of his gold. After befriending a few town members, the party discovers a manor on the cliffside is haunted. An ominous thunderstorm rolls in just as the group marches on the abandoned estate.

What supernatural beings have taken over Old Parker Manor? Will the party arrive back to retrieve their cart? Will flowers ever grow where the tiefling has walked?!



202DF Fallset 3

The party has escaped the dungeon and has breakfast at the Easing Weasel. The barkeep (Theyrun) gives Ben a map of Saltmarsh and suggests they look for adventure there.

Unfortunately, the townsfolk do not seem to like tieflings… which causes some odd looks and scared closing of doors around town.

The party visits the Hall of Aegir, finding nothing much of interest. They then venture to Ellen’s Woodworking and find they could get a cart built, but needs to have it customized the next day. They go to the Southern Seas Trading Company to look for work. They meet Fitch who says he has work for them, mostly running around town. He also suggests they become a properly registered adventuring company.

They get a contract to move some barrels and tea around town and go back to Sam Cooper’s to get some barrels. Ben attracts a crowd with some music and then pays some of the townsfolk to help carry barrels. Sadly the tea takes a long time to measure/pour so the party must retire for the night.

Ben puts on a good show at the Hall of Aegir with the proceeds going to the church. They all stay at The Floundering Fish tavern, and Ben ends up with a wench.

202DF Fallset 4

This day the party goes to customs to get registered as an adventuring party, though they need a form from the loaners to get it formalized. They meet Karl the halfling at customs and Hazel from the loaners. They have a temporary company name and are now insured.

They also go and meet up with Will Carpenter, Ellen’s husband, to help design their cart. Isaac Inman (owner/barkeep of the Floundering Fish) tells them stories of the haunted house, Old Parker Manor up on the cliff. They agree to check out the house and remove any ghosts. Wenching goes badly for Ben that night and he finds his purse is lighter in the morning.

202DF Fallset 5

Children and cheering townsfolk start to follow the party out of the Floundering Fish (news of the ghost banishers has travelled fast!) but Ben turns about to start telling the crowd not to follow when BOOM the thunder cuts him off and lightning flashes. Rain begins to drizzle then pour and the crowd disperses.

The Rogue (name?) opens the gate with ease and they are in the yard, filled with overgrown weeds. They decide to go in the front and find a musty entrance…

Episode 2 - Step One: Kick in the Door
Kill it with fire!

Note: Loot will be added to the adventure log when I get a chance next.


Our heroes find themselves falling into some trouble as they dispatch a brigand in the basement. They proceed to march forward destroying all evil in the way! The party does not appear to be fond of creepy crawlies, as they are killed on sight! Luckily they also reap the rewards of the manor and find treasures. Ben and Riswynn suspect a smuggling operation is going on in the house, but that still doesn’t explain the ghostly sounds and lights that the townsfolk have seen…

Will the party find the ghosts? Will Ben ever be able to move again? Will Aeristaria’s arm ever not be blue? Can Brynhildr smash every door in the manor?



Map of the manor can be found here

202DF Fallset 5 (whole session takes place on this day)

The party begins in the entry way of the Haunted Manor and goes left, kicking in doors. Nothing of interest at first, but in the room at the end of the hall, Ben hears an evil voice and then falls through a trap door.
In the basement cellar some sort or brigand is there whittling some wood and attacks. Grigor attempts to pull up Ben but it doesn’t work. Aeristaria ends up finding a trapdoor to the basement stairs and they quickly finish off the thug.

After that they explore the basement, ransack an officer’s room and kill many skeletons. Aeristaria ends up getting hit with a dart, which worries the party at first, until Richard discovers the true nature of the dart: blue dye. A mechanical anti-theft device.

Going back to the main floor they explore the eastern wing and find mushrooms and a room with plaster on the floor.

Proceeding to a room with a fireplace they find a small silver box being guarded by a large spider! Ben puts it to sleep and they leave.

Brynhildr decides the best course of action is to continue kicking in doors. When Ben and Naeris (sp?) enter the kitchen they awake some giant centipedes. Meanwhile, Richard finds a well outside and an overgrown garden. The centipedes are quickly disposed of despite one minor setback: Ben is bitten and paralyzed. Brynhildr attempts to feed him a potion and heal him, but he is still paralyzed. Riswynn (sp?) lifts up Ben and the party leaves the manor, returning to the village to look for help for Ben.

Episode 3 - Step Two: Fall through the Floor
I've fallen and I can't get up!


Will be released later.


(cont’d) 202DF Fallset 5 – The party takes Ben to the Temple of Aegir and asks Robin to heal him. Richard discusses the centipede that attacked Ben and assists Robin. After an hour or so Ben can move once again. Grigor tells tales at the tavern of Ben’s adventure.

202DF Fallset 6
They rest, eat omelettes for breakfast and return to the manor, on another drizzly day.

They go through the back and check the spider room, finding no spider. Instead it seems the spider took up residence in the kitchen and was hiding behind the door.

Proceeding to the entryway, they go up the stairs. They hear a clatter in the northern part of the house so Grigor goes that way and promptly falls through the floor as goblins appear from around the corner.

Riswynn jumps the hole and kills one goblin. The other attacks and flees.

Ben and Aeristaria both also fall through the hole. Richard makes it across and he and Riswynn help everyone up/across the hole.

Ben intimidates the goblins with a booming voice and enters the first room. A goblin pops out of a (two-goblin sized) chest and shoots ben in the chest. Ben promptly casts True Strike on it. He tells everyone else the goblin is his. He takes out its eye. Richard creates moss on the chest. Ben and Grigor destroy the goblin, take his head clean off and the body (headless) is on his rapier and drops to the floor.

Meanwhile Riswynn entered the next room (a storage room) and scared a goblin. Another promptly popped out of a chest and shot at her and missed. “Let’s try that again, go hide” she says as she closes the door, the goblins looking bewildered.

She comes in again and is shot by two goblins who pop out of the chest. She moves over to them and promptly closes the lid and sits on it. Grigor bursts through the wall, Kool-Aid man style.

They tie up the goblins and search the other rooms.

Ben touches some funky mould and is almost poisoned, Richard searches for magic.

Aeristaris casts jump on Grigor who jumps into the attic. They are attacked by stirges but find a grappling hook and a lock and some chain which they use to tie up the goblins again.

They then find Ned, who claims to be a thief but they can tell that is a lie. They let Ned go after he writes a confession that Old Man Jenkins is in cahoots with the smuggler ring.

They finally find out the goblins’ names are Spoon and Dagger and they will work for the party and will not try to kill them. Spoon and Ben share a love of omelettes. The goblins were looking for treasure apparently.

The Oak chest is used to transport the goblins due to their, monstrous appearance.

Episode 4: Are We Dead Yet?



202DF Fallset 6Ben Fortnightly performs at the Temple of Poseidon and sings of the tale of the Haunted Manor of Saltmarsh and how he and company ridded it of evil (exaggerating just a bit) and helping to show the villagers that Riswynn isn’t quite as bad as they thought.

Naeris Fawkes and Grigor Lander play a card game and win some money each.

202DF Fallset7 – Spoon and Dagger stay in the chest in the Floundering Fish.

The party goes to talk to Sam Cooper to discuss the goings on of Old Man Walter Jenkins what with his smuggling and all. They gather the council to discuss, arrest him and put him in the gaols for now to decide his fate.

The party goes to the Parker Manor to find the smuggling operation while the arresting goes on. They find two secret areas, one a room, the other the caverns. Grigor almost dies from a rot grub burrowing towards his heart in the room so they burn a lot of stuff. The party finds the smugglers’ cave and what appears to be the low-tide cave (currently underwater though) that the boat would come out of.Richard (with his druid-y knowledge) figures it will be within the week when the tides will shift to allow a boat into the caves.

They receive much loot and enquire with Isaac Inman about an extra room and he gives them a large room for storage and meetings to hold all their stuff.

Episode 5: Jenkins Still in Jail
How did we miss that room?!

202DF Fallset 8

Morning breakfast (usual). Split party Alex/Shu/Jamie go to talk to Jenkins, Allie/Erin/Kelan/Kelsey go look in the manor for trap doors and to investigate the stairs they missed last time. Forget to feed goblins.

The Interrogator group goes to talk to Sam and Vince briefly to find out what help they can get. They are to receive either the entire manor or a stake in it (if they don’t want to run the thing themselves). In addition they are given some gold and horses.
Jenkins tells how he never deals with the smugglers directly but sends some off to inland to help try and make more money for Saltmarsh. They are willing to transport him in relative comfort if he complies with them. They then go to get their cart from Ellen Carpenter. The cart is all finished however they need to grab the horses from the stables and bring them back to the cart to have any use for them.

Meanwhile… The other group investigates the rot grub room (now with 100% less rot grubs!) and triggers a magic mouth spell while walking up the stairs. After some investigation they come to the conclusion that it was in fact just a spell and not a spirit. They find the scullery and notice that the sun has come out. Thanks to Brynhildr Dragonskin the party finds the Alchemist’s room with alchemical gold, a corpse of Old Man Parker and a small goldish pebble.

Brynhildr Dragonskin decides to take the corpse out to perform a ritual and runs into the other group. (Viking burial with a little more magic) and places the skulls of the skeletons they killed (at least the intact ones) on poles in front of the manor.

By this point it’s a bit past lunch time. Brynhildr Dragonskin and Aeristaria both go out to try and capture some animals to eat. The rest of the party realizes that they haven’t fed Spoon or Dagger yet! (Oh no!) So they go back to the Floundering Fish, get food, and load up the cart with all their stuff. Ben decides it’s best to remove the skulls.

After eating Richard, Ben Fortnightly, and Riswynn are cleaning out the caverns with the goblins. They find the town guards coming (huphuphup) so they quickly find the goblins. Ben assures them they won’t need to check back, they agree (hup hup) for the future but still need to check it out today and get the proper paperwork filled out. Luckily they don’t notice the goblins but are confused as to why Riswynn is sweeping the water. Richard notices their odd looks and explains they have to fight back against the tides to restore balance {DM NOTE: Is this correct?}. After they leave Spoon and Dagger are released and Riswynn continues to write her letter.

Ben once again performs in town but finds he is starting to run out of recent tales to tell.

The party plans to leave the town the next day with their cart and prisoner to head to FineSpring.

[Dagger] Dear Diary...
Where red-tail-lady swings swords

The red-tail-lady got me to help her learning magikz by pretendin’ to attack her, somehow she said that, I don’t how ‘zactly that works but she gived me a nice goblin-sized axe, it ain’t too heavy but it ain’t too small neither. I could smash some spiderz reel good wit it.

Dagger likes the handaxe.

Episode 6 Placeholder.

Many days passed while travelling, scary death dogs were killed, balls thrown, scarecrows killed. Revolutionaries came with, almost at FineSpring.

“Ben, it’s been a while since I killed something”

202DF Fallset 9 – 15 are spent travelling.

Episode 7: The Baaag of Ruuumours

Fallset 16
Half a day is spent travelling to FineSpring. The party spends time exploring the town and decides to stay at Gallows Groves near the Eastern Gate.

That night they decide to investigate the graveyard after after hearing rumours of the dead being stirred.

In the Mausoleum of Kelemvor they find a phylactery that has just been unsealed.

They quickly take it to the Temple of Ra and talk to His Brightness, Stephen (the high priest). The clerics quickly set to work researching the phylacerty to see if they can find any info on it.

Episode 8: End of World. Massive Lich. Please Bring Bag.

202DF Fallset 17 after taking a rest the part quickly dashes back to the temple to find a tired set of clerics. The found one mention of the lich: Zaphesteles, The Forgotten King.

While debating what to do with the phylactery, Grigor (of all people!) suggests they just put it in a bag (of holding) since it would be trapped. This seems like a logical idea, so Risywnn says to go to Mylar’s Magical Things that she saw in town the other day. Mylar has several bags and can’t recall which is which. The party find a Bag of Holding, and a Bag of animals (grey, small rodents).

They plan to meet up with the clerics of Ra from Alkellest so Stephen sends word (via Sending/Tweeting) to the clerics there to meet up with them on the road. They decide to leave the phylactery in Ben’s pocket until he feels something bad then throw it in the bag (so they know there’s a lich inside and not just a bottle).

202DF Fallset 18 – Travel. Ettin attacks in evening while arguing with itself and saying it should keep going.

202DF Fallset 19 – Travel. Evening arrive at forest. Meet with Clerics. Discuss plans in the morning.


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