Looking the part of the devil, many people fear that a tiefling is in fact a creature of evil.

Superstitions and Stereotypes

Some of these supersititions are region-specific so include the proper header.


1 – They are not to be trusted due to their demonic heritage

2 – Many have the uncontrollable urge to kill

3 – They are allergic to mushrooms

4 – With their demonic skin, they are immune to fire

5 – Tieflings burn plants that they touch

6 – If a Tiefling gets rained on it will melt

7 – Most age backwards

8 – They can steal your voice and use it as their own

9 – Breakfast for dinner is a Tiefling delicacy


1 – They eat children

2 – If they sleep in a building it will burn down

3 – They can cure and or murder you with their bites

4 – They turn into full-blooded demons every full moon

5 – They can infect you with evil with a touch

6 – Tieflings burn peoples clothes with a touch

7 – Sometimes they’ll keep humans as pets

8 – Tieflings have triple split tongues


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