The Storm Keepers

The Storm Keepers are a sect of the Druid faiths. Little is known about their actions or philosophies, and even the other Druidic sects are often suspicious of their motives. Members of the Storm Keepers always bear the symbol of their sect somewhere visible upon their person, making them easy to identify.

Membership within the Storm Keepers is highly selective, and they boast only a few hundred members; an extremely small amount, compared to other sects. Furthermore, members of the Storm Keeper sect are not forbidden from joining other sects or from having outside responsibilities, and are actively encouraged to participate in the world. New Storm Keepers are usually selected from young Druids newly initiated into the circles.

Within the Druid community, the Storm Keepers are usually regarded with respect, although there are outspoken detractors who fault them for their secrecy. Amongst their small numbers are included many leaders of the community, some of the wisest and most powerful Druids to walk the lands.

To the outside world, the reputation of the Storm Keepers has lent them an air of superstition, and the name – if recognized at all – is usually met with mistrust or disbelief.

The low numbers of the Storm Keepers allow them to maintain a loose organization, with no official ranks. Influence within the sect is determined by age and wisdom, with younger members deferring to their elders. The only exception in rank is the leader of the sect, who is usually referred to as the Tempest. The leader has final say in all matters regarding the Storm Keepers and their machinations, although the current leader, Rowena Blackwood, has never publicly exercised that power.

The secret of the Storm Keepers, taught only to members who prove themselves capable of discretion, is the ability to read the future in storms. The more powerful the storm, the clearer and more accurate the prophecies that it produces. The sect values any type of storm, be it from wind, rain, lightning, sand, blizzard, as long as the storm is of natural origin; magically conjured weather is inferior, and even the strongest summoned storm offers murkier prophecies than those of a mild storm of natural origin. The Storm Keepers believe that the forms of prophecy provided by their methods are far too powerful a tool to let fall into malicious hands, and so they guard it closely.

The Storm Keepers

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